My 5 Holy Grail Must-Have Makeup Products -2017

Okay! So we all have our personal must- haves! No matter how many products these companies keep creating for us, there will always be a select few we must fall back on. Here are 5 of mine! 🙂

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – This foundation hands down has been a blessing to my little heart! I have been using this foundation for the past 8 years! I love the buildable to full coverage it gives without it feeling heavy or greasy. Perfect for combination to oily skin. It also has SPF in it which is awesome because you get that extra protection. It doesn’t budge or move even if worn without a face primer and it lasts all day into all night! I would wear this foundation from 9am til 10pm without having any issues! Definitely my holy grail of foundations!


  • MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation – Okay, so as it says in it’s name, this product is the ultimate duo of foundation and powder. However, some like myself wear it over foundation as a setting powder. This just gives a little more coverage and a very smooth matte look which I personally love! For those of you who don’t necessarily like too much coverage and opt for a more natural finish, this powder is perfect for you as well since when worn by itself gives a smooth but natural finish. It basically makes your skin look like skin on its best day!


  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes – I’ve tried many different forms of makeup removers from oils, to foams to other brands of wipes but none compares to this blue pack of removal goodness! Its super affordable which is a huge plus as it is going to be discarded after using anyway. It is incredibly moist and actually stays that way down to the last wipe at the bottom of the pack which is definitely another plus for me as I’ve used wipes before that have gotten stiff and dry as sand paper shortly after purchasing. It is also very efficient as one wipe takes off all makeup even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner as well as eyelash and glitter glue! Can’t get any better than that!


  • Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Light Powder – This powder is a very soft and smooth loose powder that comes in two shades- Buttercup for medium to dark skin tones and Buttercup light for those lighter skin tones. It is a setting powder that can be used to set the entire face as well as what most artists use it for which is as a baking powder. For those of you that don’t know baking is the term used to set the highlighted areas on the face using powder. This powder has a very yellow undertone so if your skin’s undertone is pink or red, I don’t suggest this product as you may end up looking a tad ashy.


  • LA Girl Pro Concealer and MAC Prolongwear concealer – OK, OK I’m cheating a bit for this one as I’m only supposed to list one but these two really go hand in hand for me. The prolongwear concealer is a liquid full coverage concealer that can last up to about 8 hours. This thing can literally cover anything. I use this on a daily basis but I also use LA Girl pro concealer to highlight and even contour. These concealers are a bit more user friendly as it comes with a brush as the tip so it is very easy to draw on and use as needed. Both full coverage and long lasting!
  • There you go! My must- have products! Comment below and let me know yours!!


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