Contouring and Gettin’ it Right!

So, one of my very best friends advised me on doing a post about contouring since her along with almost everyone she knows, their skills are well…abysmal. But have no fear because I am here! 🙂 Honestly, I personally am not a fan of heavy contouring simply because I think it changes one’s personal features a bit too much but in that case one can always keep it light or like me, just bronze. Nevertheless, I am here to give the people what they want!

Facial Contouring has become the beauty trend of what seems to be, a very long moment. Contouring basically defines and enhances your facial bone structure. You can either use cream or powder products that are about two shades darker than your foundation tone. No shimmery or chalky products please! That will just result in a hot mess! The darker shade is used to give a “slimming” effect to select areas of the face while lighter shades, used in highlighting, make features more pronounced.

STEP 1: Creating The Base

Apply your foundation to the entire face. This will just give a nice uniformed base to work with.

STEP 2: Mapping The Face

By using the darker shade product, draw lines from the temple down to the tip of the ear. From the tip of the ear, you’ll want to feel the sides of the face with your index finger until you find a “dip” below the cheekbones. This “dip” will be the guide you use to trace from the tip of the ear, along the “dip” stopping midway. (you’re not going all the way to the corners of the mouth). This will help to bring out the cheekbones.

As for the forehead, you’ll want to trace upward from the temple along the hairline to minimize the appearance of a larger/ wider forehead and to add a little dimension to the sides of the face. You will only trace to the top of the hairline if you have a higher forehead, like mine 😦

With the nose, you’ll want to trace a very thin line along the nose bridge on either side. You can go a little narrower to the tip. You can also carry it up to the brows to add length if you have a shorter nose.

And for the jawline, simply trace the color along your natural jaw bone.

STEP 3: Blend, Blend, Blend!

Take a damp beauty blender or a tapered makeup brush (although the beauty blender is much more effective) and dab/ tap over the colored area into your foundation. Blend in small circular motions using the larger end of the beauty blender as it has more space. For small areas like the nose, use the smaller end of the beauty blender and you can also squeeze it in to make it more narrow as that will be much more effective. Blend until no harsh lines are seen! This is the key to a perfect contour! Be sure to stay within the selected contoured areas as well!

STEP 4: Time to get LIT!

Use your cream or liquid highlighter (1 1/2 shade lighter than your foundation tone) and apply to under the eyes, down the middle of the nose, on the cupid’s bow, the chin and on the center of the forehead. You can go a little crazy if you’d like but just don’t over do it. Then blend by tapping into the skin using a same damp beauty blender. This helps to give a seamless, smooth, airbrush-like finish.

STEP 5: Set and Complete

Using a fluffy powder brush, dust the entire face with a loose powder, preferably translucent so it doesn’t have the ability to change the tone/color of the products used. Then finally, spray that beautiful face with some setting spray- I like to use MAC fix + spray. This is simply to help break up that powdery look and help your makeup to set a lot faster; giving it a more natural, worn look.


Below, I have listed the products I used to achieve this contour.

  1. MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid
  2. MAC Cosmetics Prolongwear concealer
  3. MAC Cosmetics Studio Conceal and Correct palette in shade Medium Dark
  4. LA Girl Pro Conceal in shade Light/Ivory
  5. MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Translucent Powder.


Happy Contouring! 🙂 Be sure to comment and let me know what products you use!

And be sure to click “like” and “follow” so you can get updates every time I post! 🙂

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