About Me

Hi! My name is Kelly and I am a makeup artist and beauty enthusiast!- just like most of you I’m sure! I’ve always had a natural curiosity and interest in makeup with all those beautiful colors ever since I was a little girl. I would always hover around my mom as she put on her makeup everyday and it was quite intriguing to me. Funny thing is I always used to wonder and even ask on occasion why she puts on makeup even though she was so flawless and beautiful. I suppose like me and many of you, she simply liked that it made her feel even more beautiful.

Quick Backstory:

I officially got into makeup as a profession when I started at MAC Cosmetics. Now as you can imagine, this was quite a big accomplishment!- to be hired by one of the largest and most successful cosmetics companies out there! I started as a freelance makeup artist and worked my way up to a permanent artist. I was there for approximately 2 1/2-3 years when I decided to go out on my own as the company had taught me and nurtured me until I felt I was ready. Now I am a freelance makeup artist and beauty and lifestyle blogger. 🙂

I will also like to say that while makeup and beauty is important, our lifestyle and health are just as important. So I will be delving into lifestyle, health and concerns as well as makeup and beauty tips, tricks and the whole package!


Stay tuned! and Welcome to the blog!!