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Adulting! It’s that time!

When you’re almost to your thirties, your entire life changes but you love every second of it!

At this point in your life, your priorities change, your lifestyle changes and how you decide to spend your time also changes.

You enjoy being in bed by 10 pm with some hot chocolate, laying down and watching a good series or even reading a good book.

What you tend to focus your energy on are what will benefit you and bring you happiness throughout your adulthood. You tend to focus on your family, your career, your spirituality and financial stability.

You refuse to make wiggle room for anything meaningless!

Things that used to bring you enjoyment in your teens and early twenties, no longer do so. Going out every weekend is no longer desirable to you, getting drunk and getting home at 7am seems completely preposterous now. You would much rather stay in, cuddle with your man, watch movies and eat snacks. If this brings you pure happiness, then why deviate? This has really become my favorite pastime!

You no longer have the time nor the energy for mediocre drama, pointless conversations nor dead end relationships. You soon begin to realize that your energy is something very pure and sacred and what you choose to invest it in turns out to be more than just attention paid. What you focus on attracts exactly that. For instance, if you focus on that negative relationship your friend has with some guy/girl and you listen to the problems time after time, you start to absorb that energy without even realizing it. You have now adopted those issues as your own. You now find yourself feeling all she or he is feeling. Am i right? You may even dislike the person without even meeting them!

As you get older, you begin to appreciate what is really important in this life and what’s worth putting your time and energy into. Learn to be selfish! It will be the best gift you can ever give yourself! Trust me!

Happy Adulting! xx




No New Friends?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the experience, whether it was good or bad- not quite sure yet! ¬†of seeing who were my real friends and who weren’t. Now, this can be such a good thing being delivered to you in the shittiest of packages but let’s be real- nobody wants to open a shitty package! But nevertheless, it has happened and here I am face to face with it all.

As a teenager growing up, that’s when you have the most friends. At this point in life is when people have the most in common. Everybody’s interests are basically the same so it’s quite easy to befriend everyone.

Once you get to adulthood however, it’s quite different. Everyone’s interests are no longer the same and everyone goes on their own paths which may or may not include you. The friends you choose to keep however, are the ones you would usually take with you through the rest of your life. They would be there when you get married, for the birth of your kids, for every birthday and the list goes on. These friends would be the foundation of your sanity. So choose them wisely!

Very often we tend to make the mistake of placing one or two people in there with our forever friends. Don’t be fooled by the ones that pretend to have your best interest compared to the ones who actually do. When you become an adult, that’s when the reality of the categories of friends and associates becomes a necessity.

Think about it, adulthood is the serious part of your life where you tend to only focus your energy on career and family, not drama. So keep it clean, keep it classy and choose wisely!