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Baking And Why It’s So Important!

I am sure that most of you are already familiar with the art and trend of “baking” or “cooking” your makeup. Along with contouring and highlighting, it is one of those techniques that makes a huge difference in the appearance of your makeup. Basically, the “baking” or “cooking” refers to letting translucent powder sit on the areas of the face you wish to highlight for about 5 – 10 minutes, after which you dust away. Before this process however, your foundation and concealer must be on. By allowing the powder to just sit there, it enables the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer. When dusted away, this leaves you with a smooth, creaseless, matte finish. I love this technique simply because you don’t get your concealer settling in the lines under the eyes. I’ve always had a problem with that in the past. My old MAC coworkers would agree that my under eye area was my problem area and a hot mess to work with! I have dry and textured under eyes so that made it quite difficult when it came to concealer for me. I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t powder make the dryness worse? I thought so as well! But it actually didn’t. A tip as well is to spray a bit of fix + spray after dusting away the powder. That helps eliminate the dryness and soften the appearance of the powder for those who suffer from the same as me or dry skin overall.

Happy Baking! 🙂 And feel free to comment which setting powder you use to bake!