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Is It Worth It?

As a makeup artist and beauty enthusiast, how is one to keep up to date with all the new eyeshadow palettes that are being launched every 5 minutes? I mean, are we supposed to run out and nab them all? As an artist, you feel as though it’s your prerogative to do exactly that! You feel as though you must have the latest products, you must test everything, you must be fully equipped to show your clients that you’re are on top of your game!

However, a lot of the eyeshadow palettes that are being launched today are very similar in shades. You will find shades like burgundy, a soft brown intended to be a transition color, a light orange and more than likely a couple gold tone shimmery shades. Granted, the palettes will differ in texture and pigmentation,  but is it necessary to purchase all, given that they are so similar? Will I be missing out if I don’t? This has become my new plight!

Hypothetically, let’s say you’ve finally gone out and purchased the latest and most popular palettes, these have been trending for the past 2 months and you’ve finally got your hands on them! Life is good and then “BOOM!” here come another 3 palettes!  What should you do now? The reviews are even better than the last set! You see my predicament?

My advice here, would be to select the palettes that have the majority of shades you work with on a daily basis. That way, you get your money’s worth and you still indulge in the latest editions. Go to the store, test it and select the one that works best for you. Steer clear from purchasing other palettes that are similar to what you’ve already got, unless your current one is running low.

Hope this helps! 🙂 Saving money and space at the same time!


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Establishing Yourself In Such A Saturated Industry

How do you become “someone”  in such a saturated market? This question has become the bane of my existence. A lot of us have the same interests and I have seen a lot of artists out there who are truly blessed with amazing levels of skill and creativity. It would be quite easy to say that these reasons are precisely why they have such a strong presence in this business. However, it is many of these artists who are struggling with making a name as well. In our business, it is crucial to keep up to date with trends and new products. This is OUR industry and in order to create a presence, you need to be passionate about your brand and be on top of your knowledge and skill.

It’s very easy to become another duplicate artist and Instagram icon with nothing new, fresh or original to offer. You need to have your own stamp on your business and your brand. Make it you! You are not the same as every other person out there, so why make your business the same? Stand out and make a difference! You should strive to give the people what you think they’re looking for. Before you became an artist, remember what you liked seeing and reading about, remember your dislikes and your complaints, then go from there.  Figure out what’s missing and cater to that. You can do customer research experiments via social media. Be versatile with your brand and your looks and from that, gage what your followers respond to most. That should give you a better idea of what your following would like to see more of.

Consistency is key! You MUST put aside time out of each day to dedicate to your brand. This will work wonders! Even though it may seem slow in the beginning, it will succeed once you keep working toward the end result.

Never give in to nay-sayers, for they don’t know any better. If unfortunately you are exposed to negativity, use this to fuel your  success. I’ve realized that what some people, especially those in our industry don’t seem to get, is that there is enough success and opportunity to go around. Don’t let that get you down.

When you’re now starting out, you may be hesitant to post your work for fear of what people may say, but I urge you to get over this fear because all this will do, is hold you back. Not everyone is going to be your biggest fan and not everyone is going to support you. This is a reality that will slap you in the face sooner or later, and I always say sooner rather than later. As I’m now starting to create a brand myself, I am facing all of these issues along with many of you, so you’re not alone. Remember, running a business and brand is not a 9 to 5, it’s an all day, everyday. You need to be continuously reassessing your brand and your direction!

Another great way of becoming established is through media mentions and networking. In a previous post, I spoke a little about our industry being a “who knows who” type of industry. Start building relationships with other willing makeup artists, this helps you to get to know the competition as well as form an open line for potential jobs. Always try to get your name out there by whatever means you can! Make connections, it will help boost your business in the long run because at some point everyone needs a makeup artist. You can also try attaching yourself to local tradeshows and events. This will definitely help in building your brand and your client list.

I hope these little tips help! Let me know how it goes! 😉

Baking And Why It’s So Important!

I am sure that most of you are already familiar with the art and trend of “baking” or “cooking” your makeup. Along with contouring and highlighting, it is one of those techniques that makes a huge difference in the appearance of your makeup. Basically, the “baking” or “cooking” refers to letting translucent powder sit on the areas of the face you wish to highlight for about 5 – 10 minutes, after which you dust away. Before this process however, your foundation and concealer must be on. By allowing the powder to just sit there, it enables the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer. When dusted away, this leaves you with a smooth, creaseless, matte finish. I love this technique simply because you don’t get your concealer settling in the lines under the eyes. I’ve always had a problem with that in the past. My old MAC coworkers would agree that my under eye area was my problem area and a hot mess to work with! I have dry and textured under eyes so that made it quite difficult when it came to concealer for me. I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t powder make the dryness worse? I thought so as well! But it actually didn’t. A tip as well is to spray a bit of fix + spray after dusting away the powder. That helps eliminate the dryness and soften the appearance of the powder for those who suffer from the same as me or dry skin overall.

Happy Baking! 🙂 And feel free to comment which setting powder you use to bake!

My 5 Holy Grail Must-Have Makeup Products -2017

Okay! So we all have our personal must- haves! No matter how many products these companies keep creating for us, there will always be a select few we must fall back on. Here are 5 of mine! 🙂

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – This foundation hands down has been a blessing to my little heart! I have been using this foundation for the past 8 years! I love the buildable to full coverage it gives without it feeling heavy or greasy. Perfect for combination to oily skin. It also has SPF in it which is awesome because you get that extra protection. It doesn’t budge or move even if worn without a face primer and it lasts all day into all night! I would wear this foundation from 9am til 10pm without having any issues! Definitely my holy grail of foundations!


  • MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation – Okay, so as it says in it’s name, this product is the ultimate duo of foundation and powder. However, some like myself wear it over foundation as a setting powder. This just gives a little more coverage and a very smooth matte look which I personally love! For those of you who don’t necessarily like too much coverage and opt for a more natural finish, this powder is perfect for you as well since when worn by itself gives a smooth but natural finish. It basically makes your skin look like skin on its best day!


  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes – I’ve tried many different forms of makeup removers from oils, to foams to other brands of wipes but none compares to this blue pack of removal goodness! Its super affordable which is a huge plus as it is going to be discarded after using anyway. It is incredibly moist and actually stays that way down to the last wipe at the bottom of the pack which is definitely another plus for me as I’ve used wipes before that have gotten stiff and dry as sand paper shortly after purchasing. It is also very efficient as one wipe takes off all makeup even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner as well as eyelash and glitter glue! Can’t get any better than that!


  • Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Light Powder – This powder is a very soft and smooth loose powder that comes in two shades- Buttercup for medium to dark skin tones and Buttercup light for those lighter skin tones. It is a setting powder that can be used to set the entire face as well as what most artists use it for which is as a baking powder. For those of you that don’t know baking is the term used to set the highlighted areas on the face using powder. This powder has a very yellow undertone so if your skin’s undertone is pink or red, I don’t suggest this product as you may end up looking a tad ashy.


  • LA Girl Pro Concealer and MAC Prolongwear concealer – OK, OK I’m cheating a bit for this one as I’m only supposed to list one but these two really go hand in hand for me. The prolongwear concealer is a liquid full coverage concealer that can last up to about 8 hours. This thing can literally cover anything. I use this on a daily basis but I also use LA Girl pro concealer to highlight and even contour. These concealers are a bit more user friendly as it comes with a brush as the tip so it is very easy to draw on and use as needed. Both full coverage and long lasting!
  • There you go! My must- have products! Comment below and let me know yours!!