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Just Sprinkle A Little Glitter Everywhere You Go

Recently, we have been seeing one of the most recent and most popular trends in the beauty industry- Glitter! Who doesn’t want to vamp up their look with a little sparkle? From red carpets to runways to YouTube sensations, it seems like everyone has jumped on this glitter train and who can really blame them?

To create any look using glitter, one must possess at least two products in one’s makeup arsenal:

  1. An all purpose glitter glue. I recently got my hands on the NYX Glitter Primer– This formula is light and creamy and serves the purpose of keeping every speck of glitter right where it’s supposed to be. I used this primer as a base for creating a glitter liner cut crease and it worked most successfully. I love the consistency and the formula as it does not get tacky nor clumpy when trying to apply. For me, this is definitely a keeper!


  1. Glitter! Duh! For the look I created I used Inglot AMC Pure Pigment eyeshadow in 115. This shade is the prettiest shade of light pink, iridescent with a hint of gold. I am absolutely in  love with it! You can use this pigment to top off eyeshadow in cases where you need a little more pop or you can create your own glitter liner as I did. Either way, it works beautifully!

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Once you’ve got these two products in under you sleeve, you’re already on your way to creating any glitter look!


thumbnail_image1 (4)