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Gone too long

Okay, i must admit. It’s been quite ridiculous that I’ve been MIA for so long! I have taken a much need break from blogging simply because i needed some time to catch my breath. Honestly I write when something truly drives and excites me, otherwise it just feels pointless and fake. For the past month or so I hadn’t felt the excitement I once did and I felt so uninspired that I just did what I felt was the right thing and stopped writing for a bit. I was also pretty focused on a few work related projects and that took a lot of my time and energy. But nonetheless i am back now and ready for action!

Hope you missed me! ūüôā



Feeling Inspired When You Lose Motivation…

Let’s face it, we all lose motivation at some point in time. There are days when you wake up and you can hardly wait to go conquer the world. I’ve had about a month straight of those days. I¬†felt so inspired every morning that I would feel like a force that needed to be reckoned with. Then, I went on vacation and got caught up in other things, losing sight of my goals and progress. Once you get to a point of relaxation, I find it very difficult to pull yourself out of it and get back to your regularly scheduled program.

Do not allow yourself to get stuck in an unproductive¬†rot. This can be very dangerous for obvious reasons, especially if you are like me and in the process of building a business from the ground up. This means that your attention needs to be focused on your business 100% of the time! My business requires me to constantly be active on social media and to constantly market myself and my services. Without this, there is no business! Without business, there is no money and without money, there is no life- let’s be real!

Here are some tips that can help you get back to your beautiful, inspired self once again:

  1. Remind yourself why you got into your hobbies or field of work in the first place. I usually look at YouTube videos or Instagram accounts of my favorite makeup artists for some inspiration. Doing this tends to reawaken the passion I have for my art and my skill as a makeup artist. It can also aid in giving you fresh, new ideas if you happen to be stuck in a creative rot.
  2. Ensure your work space and environment is best suited for productivity. “There is a direct correlation between an increased sphere of comfort and getting what you want”- Timothy Ferriss. Look around your room or your workspace. Does it inspire you? Does it give you motivation? Is it peaceful and soothing? Is it quiet or loud? Is it distracting? Sometimes the hardest thing we do to ourselves is work in a place that we know is going to have¬†us produce mediocre results. Build your ideal workplace and choose your ideal work time. What works for some, may not work for others. So don’t worry if you choose to work at 2am when your spouse and family are asleep. Do what you need to do to get to where you need to be.
  3. Don’t over-work yourself! Take a break, recharge, then continue with a fresh mind. This way, you feel motivated for longer.
  4. Remind yourself what you are trying to accomplish, set goals, set timelines and remember why you are doing it.  This will surely jolt you into action once again!

And don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. You are great at what you do! So take a breather, drink some tea, eat some cake and get back to it! ūüôā

Hope these tips help!


When On Vacation…….

For the past month I have been on vacation and thus have not been working on my blog¬†nor any other projects that require my attention. To me, work and vacation just do not go hand in hand as much as I would like it too! I actually came on vacation with the intention of getting some work done but as time went by and activities started filling my days, all work went “bye-bye” out the window. I think, for one to be able to get work done whilst being on vacation, they ought to have a strict sense of responsibility, determination and self motivation. I thought I embodied these traits! But from this experience, I am seeing that I clearly need to work on some things!

I have found it to be¬†extremely difficult to¬†be inspired, motivated and¬†diligent when being faced with the hot sun, a cold Starbucks, shopping, exploring¬†and¬†spending time¬†with my family.¬†Some days I think, where has the time gone! I suppose I¬†ought to¬†feel good about the intent of getting the work done. But on the other hand, I haven’t actually gone through with it so¬†who am I really¬†kidding here?

But without further ado, I am back at it!

To be successful at anything in this life, you need commitment, self motivation and a “no excuses” type of attitude. Once you adopt these traits, you’ll be fit to completely obliterate your goals and be ready to establish and realize new ones.

Feel free to let me know how you¬†balance work and vacation! ūüôā